Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday in New Orleans - Farmer's Market & Shrimp Creole

I love Farmer's Market Tuesdays.  And I love my husband the chef! 

I thought I had experienced good food before, and had pretty good access to fresh, organic, and tasty ingredients on a regular basis.  But living in New Orleans is a whole new level of "good" for us.  It is not a new discovery to say that the food here is incredible, but what we are learning is that the ingredients here are more flavorful.  "How do they do it?" we ask each other all the time.  How can garlic taste so good?

Back to Tuesdays... that is the day the Crescent City Farmer's Market sets up closest to our house.  Farmers come from nearby farms and sell their produce.  We visit at 9am sharp and start at the arugula table - to make sure we get some before they sell out (they usually do)!  Sure, sure - I've had arugula before many times.  Even grew it in our garden.  But this arugula is out of this world!  Such a peppery taste.  It provides new magic for our lives, as do so many of these items.  We are so taken by all the fresh and flavorful options.  We're hooked!

I follow my husband around the market as he skillfully darts from booth to booth to collect the necessary ingredients needed for Tuesday dinner: Shrimp Creole.  My job is to hold the bag.  Here's a look at some of our haul:

including orange zucchini here - that will be a first for us - maybe tomorrow...

My favorite garlic in the world!

Jumbo shrimp - so fresh and right off the boat.  Aren't they huge?

A beautiful sight!

OK - now the magic starts to happen at home:  Shrimp Creole.  My husband uses a recipe that includes fresh lemongrass, mint, and basil (among other things) making is a delightfully light and refreshing dish.  Have a look:

Start with the shrimp.

Then make the magical & fragrant brew.  This is the good part!  
All together now!

And then finally - we serve and eat: 
With rice.

Or pasta.

Bon Appetit!  Happy Farmer's Market & Shrimp Creole Tuesday!
Upcycled Bags Handmade in New Orleans

Thursday, July 7, 2011

European Weekend in the Big Easy

One reason for our recent move to New Orleans is because New Orleans has the feel of an old European city... right here in America!  The architecture, the food, the "old school" ways... all so utterly charming and, in a way, foreign. Living and working here - you truly feel at times that you are living in another country... in a good way!  There is nothing like it, that's for sure.  And we are completely hooked!

In keeping with the European vibes, there are two uniquely European-ish events in New Orleans this weekend, one of which will be sporting bags by Uptown Redesigns!  Check them out:
1) The first is the "San Fermin in Nueva Orleans" - which is the New Orleans version of Pamplona, Spain's Running of the Bulls.  Starts at 8am in the French Quarter.  This should be interesting! 

2) The next taste of Europe this weekend will be French, and is where we will be setting up shop with our upcycled bags!  It's the 5th annual Bastille Day Festival in Faubourg St. John.  It will be from 5-9pm on Saturday evening (maybe it will cool down by then?) and will feature live music, plenty of awesome food and drinks, and lots of artsy things - all with a French theme.  Looking forward this one - should be fun!   Check out the video from last year's event.    

So - if you are craving a little more Europe in your American lives, come to town and check out these "Only in New Orleans" events!
Upcycled Bags Handmade in New Orleans