Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Upcycled Holidays!

In this annual time of what can seem like a sea of crazed, artificial, and over-done efforts, I always find myself going back to basics and focusing on what what really is important in life around the holidays.  Luckily, my husband and I both share a minimalist attitude when it comes to Christmas, and we put our dollars and efforts into good food, good wine, and quality time with family and friends rather than expensive gifts and lots of unnecessary holiday "stuff."  Such a relief not to stress about filling the stockings! 

But - I have to admit that I am a girl that likes her glamour and glitter, and will always find a way to deck our halls until they sparkle - one way or another!  So in the continued spirit of upcycling and by focusing on all the inspirations I see here in New Orleans each and every day, we decided to forgo the traditional green Christmas tree, and instead created this upcycled mass of twigs and lights - and I'm just loving the results! 

We've been collecting twigs and branches for a while - big ones!  You can't really see the scale here, but our ceilings are super-high.  I then spray-painted them silver and gold, and placed them in this old Oscar-The-Grouch-style galvanized metal trash can. The branches are anchored with a shovel full of gravel, and then I scrunched left-over white moving paper at the base of the branches.  We added white lights everywhere and just a few of our old favorite sparkly ornaments and we are all set!  The room glows with light and glitter - it's so festive!  And - best part - I can reuse these branches again next year - or any other time I need to create a little drama!  How's that for upcycling and repurposing? 

Enjoy, and have a wonderful and happy holiday season!!

Upcycled Bags Handmade in New Orleans

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  1. Very pretty Sandy! It really sparkles. My Claire would love all that sparkle:)