Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fashion Week New Orleans 2012 and Upcycled Suede Fringe Handbags

Interesting week for Uptown Redesigns last week here in New Orleans.  I participated in Fashion Week New Orleans 2012 as a vendor in the Style Lounge.  That was three nights of selling bags and chatting with awesome new clients, media, boutique owners, designers, and fashionistas in and around New Orleans.  Very cool!

Here's the pre-show set-up...  Got a chance to watching it all come together and turn into a very chic event!
The runway - before

Lots of pre-show runway prep and practice by models and designers

And here's my little booth area...  It was a tight squeeze with minimal options, but we made it work!

Models still meeting with designers and having final fittings... Boutique owners finalizing their booth displays...

behind the scenes

And then the shoppers arrived!  Uptown Redesigns looks good on these ladies!

But the most exciting part for me was seeing three of my bags on the runway during Green Serene's fashion show.  So awesome!  Of course, I was watching the show more than photographing, so these images are unfortunately not perfect, but you get the idea.  The fringe looked fabulous, and had such great swishing movement on the models as they worked the catwalk.  Something must have been right, because 2 out of 3 of those bags sold immediately after they came off the runway and back into my booth!  Fringe is HOT this season!

Check out that fringe movement!

The crowd was eating it up!

Wow - all three bags up there at once!

I have to admit - it was a really cool event.  I was impressed with everybody on stage and off, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Way to go New Orleans!  Looking forward to next year already!

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