Thursday, June 7, 2012

Upcycling Leather Coats into Totes - A Recent Upcycling Project (Before and After)

I always love a good custom job - especially one that presents a unique design challenge!  This client sent me three outdated leather and suede jackets that she no longer wears - all sitting in the back of her closet.  She asked that I use the leathers from each coat and put them into one bag.  Hmmm...  What would you do with all these colors??

Before - 3 colors of suede

Before - beautiful, soft teal leather

Before - a basic black leather

As you can see, there was enough leather here to do more than one bag, so I crafted two: a larger travel tote with pockets, and a smaller every-day tote.  Sometimes 3 wrongs do make a right...  Or maybe 2 "rights" in this case!

After - 2 bags from 3 different coats!
The smaller everyday tote

The larger tote - with exterior pockets (from the suede coat)

And here are the interiors - made of colorful repurposed upholstery remnants and a bit of canvas from a US army tent.  And, of course, the all-important "Uptown Redesigns - Handmade in New Orleans" labels.

And - here's the best part for me - the happy client finally receiving her newly upcycled bags!  Phew!!  Always a relief to see this smiling face! 

Another success story!!  Yay for upcycling!!!
Upcycled Bags Handmade in New Orleans


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