Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Transforming one super-large 1980's black leather coat into three new upcycled leather handbags - all handmade in New Orleans

Another fun custom project... the client offered her mother's old 1980's era extra-long, large black leather coat for upcycling.  Remember this style?

Before - the front
Before - the back

Not only did her mother wear it for years, but the client also wore it out on the town "back in the day."  I get the feeling it has seen its fair share of fun! :)

This coat was sooo large and had such awesome character and details that I was able to make not just one, but THREE bags out of it (with a little help from a few scraps of black suede I had here leftover from another project)!  Check them out:
The trio: a tote, shoulderbag, and a crossbody fringe bag

The shoulderbag and the tote - used the original coat pockets on both bags!

The tote - added a bit of suede to the top for extra texture.  That pocket will be handy too!
The backside of the tote - repieced the remnants together in a random pattern - loving that printed pattern on the trim!

The shoulderbag - single strap and a bit more slouchy

Back side of the shoulderbag

All three interiors are made with repurposed US army tent canvas, have interior pockets and magnetic snap closures, and have the all-important "Uptown Redesigns: Handmade in New Orleans" label

The Fringe Crossbody - good for nights out on the town!
Loving the long suede fringe
Ready for launch/departure back out into the world!  Have fun!

And so - the old 1980's memory lives on!  Not it has not one, but three new lives and will be back out and about on the town again!  Much better than sitting in the back of some closet not getting any use anymore, right?  I think Mom would be very proud and happy with this one. :)

Hooray for upcycling!!!

Upcycled Bags Handmade in New Orleans

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