Monday, July 8, 2013

Upcycling Hollywood South: Celebrity Wardrobe from Cast of HBO's Treme Transformed into New Leather Handbags = One Very Happy Client in New Orleans!

I love doing custom work, especially when there is a special story behind the original garment.  I've heard many sentimental ones from clients as to why they want to upcycle their beloved leather coats and give them new life, but this one story was new for me with a fun Hollywood twist!

As you may or may not know, a ton of movie filming happens in New Orleans these days. It has even been nicknamed the "Hollywood of the South."  

We often see film crews working on major scenes and, of course, the occasional celebrity walking around town. Very fun!  But one very special show that is set and filmed right here in New Orleans is HBO's series: Treme.  It is loved by all here, and we thank David Simon so very much for this gem!  

Recently a client and fellow New Orleanian/Treme fan approached me with a new project.  It was a big old leather coat that she apparently was lucky enough to snag at a Treme "wrap sale." 

Not knowing the history of the coat (who wore it, etc.), she was nevertheless intrigued and brought it over to my studio for a transformation. Since it was a rather large and slightly beat up men's XL leather coat that she was not able to consider wearing, she decided to have it made it into a few bags that she could carry and use every day instead.  She left me with a few design requests and some fabulous interior fabric remnants, and I was off and running on my new project.

Here are some images of the original coat...  Wondering who wore it??

XL Men's Leather coat - soft leather

As you can see, it had a few issues.  But  it was perfect for an upcycling project!
She requested one large tote for her laptop and work files, and a more casual/smaller cross body bag for trips to the local coffee shop with her iPad. Fortunately the coat was large enough for these two bags plus a surprise extra phone clutch.

The extra surprise was that I was able to stitch a little locally-sourced Treme swag into the interior of the tote! Now she has a little history and low-key context stitched right into the bag!  

Thankfully, I had one happy client at the end of this story!

Thanks for being such a great client and for providing me with such a fantastic upcycling story!  Long live HBO's Treme!!  

Enjoy the bags!! 
Upcycled Bags Handmade in New Orleans

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