Friday, June 6, 2014

Channeling Coco Chanel with a Classic Black And White Leather Bag Design

Usually I let the materials that I am upcycling guide my designs.  I dismantle the treasured item, see what it has to offer, and start designing from there.  But I suppose a good bit of internal design sense comes through too as I envision what I can do and what the end result should be.  I rarely try to imitate a designer's look, or another bag, or try to make something that is "in style," but rather I focus on the overall usability of the bag and of course its general "look."  I try to design functional, yet classic, designs that look cool, but will also be used for years to come.  

But I have to assume that I am influenced by things that I see out there (magazines, the internet, TV, real life).  My ideas don't come out of nowhere!  And I recently realized that I find myself tending towards Chanel's designs - both vintage and current.  

Chanel, pearls,whiteChanel

I love the classic, classy and relaxed look.  Right up my alley.  

And - oh, to have those pearls some day!

I also like Coco's attitude and advice on being a stylish woman:


And then I recently watched the movie "Coco Before Chanel," and really got on board with the whole Coco thing!  And you KNOW I loved her design house in Paris - ahhh - a designer's dream come true!


And sometimes I think without realizing it I am incorporating some of Chanel's iconic style into some of my designs (classic lines, simplicity, etc.). 

But this week I had Coco Chanel on my mind, and when I saw a luscious pair of outdated black lambskin pants next to a few pieces of gray-white suede in my studio I set out to craft my own Chanel-inspired tote, which I am now calling:

The Uptown Coco Tote.  Here's to you, Coco Chanel!
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